Wellness Services

As a corporate philosophy, we believe that one's health is the key to success. Our wellness services provide a range: from the simplest of medical check-ups to a relaxing boat cruise. Pamper yourself to a moment of calmness after that long and tiring meeting.

Golden Horses Health Sanctuary

Situated at the newly expanded wing within the hotel lies Golden Horses Health Sanctuary's Health Screening & Preventive Clinic, this centre is equipped with a state-of-the-art, cutting-edge technology, health-screening machines and is an approved medical centre by the Ministry of Health Malaysia under the ambulatory care.

Contact: enquiry.hs@ghhs.com.my
(+60)3 8941 5833

MINES Cruise

Picture yourself cruising elegantly around our picturesque MINES North & South Lake with a glass of refreshing drink in your hand while enjoying the best foot massage in town. This is our Massage Cruise – a most ideal way to escape the stress of life. It promises to leave you refreshed and energized.

Mines Cruise also offers other activities such as the DME Cruise and Sunset Dining Cruise amongst other attractions.

Contact: enquiry@minescruise.com


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